Keith and The Girl comedy talk show
Keith and The Girl (est. March, 2005) is a fast-paced comedy show that talks about EVERYTHING. KATG host and Podcasting Hall of Fame inductee Keith Malley and guests talk openly about their lives including topics such as their relationships, religion and atheism, the LGBT community, love, hate, fights, racism, feminism, weed and other drug use, family, and any comfortable or uncomfortable topic. Keith creates an aggressive but safe place for his guests to share intimate and never-been-told stories and promotes a frank and hilarious atmosphere. KATG is known for its rabid and supported fan-base. In fact, over 150 audience members have tattooed and, literally, branded themselves with KATG-related body modifications. Top names in the industry credit the Keith and The Girl show for being pioneers in the podcasting world. "You guys got me started to begin with. You were the original podcasting people." -Marc Maron The show - which has been available for two decades with over 3,800 episodes, the most of any podcast in history - continues with such greats as the late Gilbert Gottfried (Aladdin, Problem Child), Bowen Yang (SNL), Jim Norton (Opie and Anthony), Doug Stanhope (The Howard Stern Show, Louie), Ilana Glazer (Broad City), Phoebe Robinson (Two Dope Queens), Hannibal Buress (Broad City, TAG), Kevin Allison (Risk!, The State), Mike Lawrence (Conan), Eugene Mirman (Bob's Burgers), Matteo Lane (Late Show with Stephen Colbert), and many others! KATG has appeared on the cover of The Village Voice and the Keith and The Girl show has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Playboy, Mashable, Cosmopolitan, Maxim, Bloomberg Businessweek, New York Observer, Glamour, and more! Download an episode of KATG. Subscribe to the podcast. Change your life. L'chaim.

with Emma Willmann – Kerry Coddett co-hosts: Learning to smoke weed; out of line therapists; prostitution experience; the World Series; homosexuality and your parents; your first period; Michael Moore in TrumpLand reviewed; how not to cheat; Kerry’s car accident

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with Clark Jones – Andrea Allan co-hosts: Diabetes and sex; the Chicago Cubs; Northern vs. Southern racism; why Trump would be good for us; pregnancy scares; KATG’s guest rules; strip club healing; Andrea’s switching to women

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with Alzo Slade – Rebecca Vigil co-hosts: Keith’s dogs’ intelligence; the bad restaurants with bad scores trick; The Dozens; Is the South stupid?; how your parents treated you; Donald Trump’s star removed; the Vatican’s cremation rules; public engagements

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Chanel Ali co-hosts: Chemda calls in; your new Zodiac sign; The Naked Show; Carnegie Deli closes; looking up your exes’ lovers; Montreal’s dog banning

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Chanel Ali co-hosts: Chemda’s family dynamic; car service rape; how the National Anthem protests affect football; human chip implants; Bob Dylan’s attitude toward his Nobel Prize and Kurt Vonnegut’s Bob Dylan rage; Dead or Alive’s Pete Burns (You Spin Me Round) dies; This is Your Brain on Drugs actor endorses recreational marijuana; dad jumps to death holding children; 18-year-old student beats up his principal; DNC’s Donna Brazile can’t explain debate cheats; Jessica Drake accuses Donald Trump of sexual assault; Delta’s racist procedures

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with Chris Cotton – Chanel Ali co-hosts: South Philadelphia; the San Francisco 49ers; Black Lives Matter; dyslexia; getting to know your spouse; being a fat kid and a fat adult; the horror of nature; Lenny Marcus’s wedding; edibles at a talk show taping; the voting debate; Michael and Marisela are expecting; Madonna will blow you; Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, The Infiltrator, and The Accountant reviewed

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with Myq Kaplan – Rebecca Vigil co-hosts: 2017’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; Myq’s breakup; Ray DeVito’s roommate murders his mom; Rebecca’s suicidal roommate; restaurant tales and Olive Garden’s unlimited menu; This Is Spinal Tap lawsuit; Rebecca and Myq’s freestyle raps

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with Danny Hatch – Rebecca Vigil co-hosts: Danny’s live The Rocky Horror Picture Show experience; Danny the good Samaritan; voter turnout by state; racist code words; America’s future; furniture store owner kills competitor; the NFL’s end zone dancing dos and don’ts; undecided voters

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with Lance Weiss — Joanna Shaw Flamm co-hosts: Lance's relationship with his mom; runaway dad; bad neighborhoods; GoFundMe's 'light money on fire' campaign; USA vs. Russia; baseball vs. football; Keith's new puppy; The Birth of a Nation, 13th, and Denial reviewed

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with Jenn Welch – Joanna Shaw Flamm co-hosts: Divorce and loss of your dog blog; dogs vs. cats; for the love of Kanye; tap dancing; father/daughter alcoholism; women and our sexually aggressive world; Billy Bush’s $10 million severance; Ken Bone is a bad person; Chemda’s Jewish interview

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with Liz Magee – Molly Knefel co-hosts: Where babies come from; working for the Humane Society and sexual harassment; Liz’s boyfriend; exhausting comedians; Donald Trump’s multiple sexual assault allegations and his defenders; Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize

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with Hennessy – Molly Knefel co-hosts: Women for Trump and 15-year-old Miss Teen USA contestants report that Trump would often walk in on them changing; Chemda’s recovery update

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with Petey DeAbreu – Molly Knefel co-hosts: Theft, armed robbery, mail fraud and money laundering; different cities’ sex etiquette; religious supporters turn on Trump; why Trump may win; new Halloween costume: Sexy Ken Bone

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with Mychal Denzel Smith – Molly Knefel co-hosts: Male feminists; Christopher Columbus: fraud/liar; expecting to die as a black man; anxiety and suicide; how to solve police troubles; dating apps; sneakerheads; politically active sports figures; Luke Cage, Westworld, Masterminds, Storks and The Girl on the Train reviewed; Nate Parker/The Birth of a Nation revisited

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with John Knefel – Molly Knefel co-hosts: Columbus Day; in-person thank you cards; how to be more present; the second presidential debate and Pussygate revisited; Chemda calls in

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with Johnny Pemberton – Libby Phillips co-hosts: Son of Zorn; Johnny’s trippy podcasts; Johnny’s lineage of surgeons; Minneapolis; Johnny’s 35 years old and has inflammatory bowel disease; Johnny’s drinking; Chemda has left the hospital but still needs radiation; Donald Trump and Billy Bush’s embarrassingly laughable 2005 women-ogling video; working on a TV/movie set; drivers and runners: NYC vs. LA; Hurricane Matthew; Chemda’s medical fundraiser

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with Phoebe Robinson – Libby Phillips co-hosts: The Birth of a Nation’s director/writer/star Nate Parker’s rape allegation and the victim who killed herself; Johnny Depp omitted from the new Pirates of the Caribbean trailer; director Mel Gibson’s name omitted from Hacksaw Ridge trailer; teacher fired for calling Michelle Obama a gorilla on Facebook; You Can’t Touch My Hair and Conan O’Brien; Chemda well wishes

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with Tracy Soren and Jessie Jolles – Libby Phillips co-hosts: Improv; Chemda’s up and walking; Luke’s Diners; sobriety hack; advice from grandmas; Donald Trump calls out non-Christian conservatives; the vice presidential debate; hospital charges dad $40 to hold his newborn; the Great Foreskin Debate of 2016

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with Joel Kim Booster – Libby Phillips co-hosts: Joel’s Conan set and YouTube comments; getting shit on your dick; sleeping in a bathtub; transphobia and homophobia on Friends; Wonder Woman is queer; Chemda surgery update; Keith’s wife’s root canal; Kim Kardashian robbed at gunpoint; pranks that break your iPhone; Frenchman destroys phones in Apple Store

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with Louis Katz – Libby Phillips co-hosts: Louis’ girlfriend moves in; how not to podcast; visiting China; phone catastrophes; Facebook’s dead friend birthday notices; wanting kids while your significant other doesn’t; deliberately smelling bad odors; relationship miscommunication; kinky sex and germaphobia; sex schedules; ejaculating into orange juice; eating dog and rat; Chemda’s surgery report

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with Libby Phillips – Chemda’s surgery; Keith officiates his third wedding; Libby to become Keith’s first new co-host; Lady Gaga will perform Super Bowl LI’s halftime show

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