Keith and The Girl comedy talk show
Keith and The Girl, not to be confused with Amy Schumer's 3 Girls, 1 Keith, is a fast-paced comedy show that talks about EVERYTHING. KATG hosts and Podcasting Hall of Fame inductees Keith Malley and Chemda (who are exes) talk openly about their lives including topics such as their relationships, religion and atheism, LGBT community, love, hate, fights, racism, feminism, weed and other drug use, and any comfortable or uncomfortable topic. Keith and Chemda create an aggressive but safe place for their guests to share intimate and never-been-told stories and promote a frank and hilarious atmosphere. KATG is known for their rabid fan-base, over 150 audience members have tattooed and, literally, branded themselves with KATG-related body modifications. Top names in the industry credit the Keith and The Girl show for being pioneers in the podcasting world. "You guys got me started to begin with. You were the original podcasting people." -Marc Maron The show - which has been available for over 13 years and is closing in on 3,000 episodes, the most of any podcast in history - continues with such as Gilbert Gottfried (Aladdin, Problem Child), Jim Norton (Opie and Anthony), Doug Stanhope (The Howard Stern Show, Louie), Ilana Glazer (Broad City), Phoebe Robinson (Two Dope Queens), Ted Alexandro (The Nightly Show), Myq Kaplan (Last Comic Standing finalist), Hannibal Buress (Broad City, TAG), Kevin Allison (Risk!, The State), Mike Lawrence (Conan), Eugene Mirman (Bob's Burgers), Matteo Lane (Late Show with Stephen Colbert) , Emma Willmann (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend ) and many others! Guests of the show have been seen on Saturday Night Live, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Conan, The Office, 30 Rock, Guy Code, and more. Keith and Chemda has appeared on the cover of The Village Voice and the Keith and The Girl show has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Playboy, Mashable, Cosmopolitan, Maxim, Bloomberg Businessweek, New York Observer, Glamour, and more! Time Out NY named Chemda "The Queen of Podcasting.” Download an episode of KATG. Subscribe to the podcast. Change your life. This show is guaranteed to make you laugh. L'chaim.

with Danny Hatch – The High Schooler’s Guide to College Parties; Katt Williams arrested again; man claims he was attacked for looking like Shia LaBeouf; Chyna and Prince died of overdoses; Oxford, Alabama’s anti-transgender law; Carly Fiorina to be Ted Cruz’s vice president; Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert molested children; foster parent rapes some of his 140 boys; James Dean and Marlon Brando were secret lovers; Uber doesn’t expect you to tip; James Cameron calls in

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with Liz Miele and Chad Zumock – Liz’s health and confrontations with strangers; Chad’s website’s garage sale section; William Shatner’s dead wife and unacknowledged son; single-vote political victories; Coast Guard saves man trying to float in a giant bubble twice; the drama between Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan at Live! with Kelly and Michael

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with Anthony DeVito and Katy Olson – The diploma frame conspiracy; Hillary Clinton has Bernie Sanders’ Facebook groups deleted; Keith responds to an angry listener upset about his politics; man robs $7,000 and a monkey from his wife to pay a prostitute; plaintiffs suing Ashley Madison must go public; ex-fiancée cancels wedding but demands to keep $30,000 engagement ring; Keith and Street Fair Season; PA state rep. hires actors at polling stations; female Ted Cruz lookalike performs porn; OK Cupid matched Katy with the Cannibal Cop

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with Murf Meyer and Diana Kolsky – Murf tries out for a legit baseball team; being addicted to heroin; the problems with the Liberty Bell; KATG polls; Andrew Dice Clay’s new show ‘Dice’; sperm bank misrepresents a donor who is a schizophrenic felon; Tom Brady’s 4-game suspension; Johnny Manziel dropped by his team, his agent, and charged with assault; Curt Schilling fired by ESPN for his anti-trans views; Cruz and Kasich work together against Trump; Michael Khalili likes Clinton over Trump while Keith disagrees; Clinton spends $1 million on Internet trolls to attack Bernie Sanders’ supporters

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with Nick Turner and Julie Kottakis – Nick attacks his hecklers, physically and otherwise; nose-pickers; Julie sells men her used panties; Keith’s visiting mother-in-law; Keith’s transphobic high school buddies; Prince’s Purple Haze and KATG poll results; Keith’s birthday card from Mom and Dad; The Jungle Book reviewed; Beyoncé’s new album and short film Lemonade repeatedly mentions Jay Z’s cheating ways

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with Kerryn Feehan and Chris Scopo – Comedy roast battles; 4/20 observances; Midnight Special reviewed; Chyna and Prince died; Clinton campaign fraud; Donald Trump denounces Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill; the president of an exclusive Harvard club warns that joining women will be raped; Andrea Allan’s cancer-stricken cat

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with Mehran Khaghani and Chrissie Mayr – 4/20; the love of breasts; Hillary Clinton’s political shadiness; Keith’s looks; coffee enemas and projectile diarrhea from anal sex; an 8-year-old comedian; Subway’s Jared Fogle’s text messages; Boaty McBoatface wins the Name a Research Ship poll; Dora the Explorer smokes vape pens; baby’s first masturbation; maiden pot voyages
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with Anna Drezen – Panic attacks; Anakin Skywalker jailed and put in a psychiatric ward; a man builds a robotic Scarlett Johannson; dad hires ex-con to test his kids; Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s apology to Australia; what concierges think about you; voting in NYC; the American Independent Party; Hillary Clinton’s pals mentioned in the Panama Papers; Donald Trump calls 9/11 ‘7-Eleven’ and asks Pittsburgh what happened to Joe Paterno

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with Libby Phillips – Keith’s stand-up and Jenga cheaters; Libby’s OK Cupid account; KATG poll results; UC Davis spends $175,000 to have the cop pepper spray story go away; Keith’s Wishmaster figurine birthday present leaves us all suffering; Batman: The Killing Joke is Rated R; there will be 4 Avatar sequels; Hillary Clinton’s pandering and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s planted quantum computing question

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with Andrea Allan, Emily Lubin, Sparrow, Hennessy, and Danny Hatch – KATG VIP Night; Emily’s wild night; Sparrow’s ex-husband and ex-friend; vagina measuring; Keith’s high school pals are anti-transgender; rude after-party attendees; Chemda’s landlord knows her secret; Keith’s parents’ birthday greeting

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