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January 2015
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With Nick Maritato – Comics dating comics; Girl Meets World; eating alone in public; Chemda’s wedding countdown; 17-year-old girl happily loses her virginity to her father; the Cannibal Cop joins dating sites; STFU SOTU; Whiplash review; American Sniper’s Chris Kyle was a chronic liar; 2015 Academy Award nominees; The Roast of Terry Bradshaw; New England Patriots cheat; Omarosa has proof Bill Cosby raped women that she can’t share; QVC debates if the moon is a star or a planet

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With Jessica Watkins – Jessica walks America; Selfiegate hate mail; Comedy Central to roast Justin Bieber

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With Jackie Kashian – Booking the 57-Hour Marathon; stand-up comedy in Hong Kong;; how to end bed bugs; Selfiegate; AFC and NFC championship games; Keith vs. Xbox support; 17-year-old fake doctor; 5-year-old receives invoice for skipping out on a party; smoking weed in LA vs. NYC

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Scarlett Johannson uses Keith’s made up word ‘Brumski’ in correct context; Chemda’s wedding dress; In Touch magazine photoshops Bruce Jenner as a woman; women playing football with men; terrorists caught in Europe; the all-white Academy Awards and reviews of Birdman, American Sniper, and Taken 3; the heated poll results to the mom reposting her daughter’s selfies

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With Lenny Marcus – Keith’s MRI denied; Selma doesn’t include actual MLK speeches; the Golden Raspberry Awards; bad parenting, bad teachers, and inappropriate 18-year-olds; honeymoon plans

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With Paul Hooper – Tinder, OK Cupid, kisses, and massages; how to get the most from your movie pass; trouble on the subway; arresting children; man tapes 94 iPhones to his body to smuggle; Charlie Hebdo’s new magazine cover; ISIS hacks U.S. military accounts

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With Katy Olson – Meeting immediate family for the first time as an adult; Super Bowl XLIX predictions; 72nd Golden Globe Awards; Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare; French police commissioner shoots himself after meeting terrorist victims

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With Michael Khalili and Marisela Arias – Michael and Marisela marry; 2015 resolutions; The Imitation Game and Selma; Rex Ryan to coach the Buffalo Bills; Taylor Negron dies; Bill Cosby jokes about his rapes; Charlie Hebdo; 5 shot at Chris Brown’s party

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