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March 2015
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Chemda returns married; Terrence Howard, Patricia Arquette, Stacey Dash, and the Fashion Police; Lupita Nyong’o’s stolen dress; Beyoncé’s sampled singer not paid; CitizenFour; the man who killed the American Sniper; Bill O’Reilly lied about war experiences; Fox news anchor says ‘jigaboo’ on the air; Veteran Affairs Secretary lied about his service; Leonard Nimoy and Lesley Gore die

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with Troy Conrad

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with Gary Gulman

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Cindy Crawford’s untouched photo; Uma Thurman’s new face; Machine Gun Preacher, Movie 43, Sharknado, and Sharknado 2 reviewed; SNL 40 and Academy Awards 2015 discussed; #FuckEddie; Harris Wittels overdoses

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with Josh Gondelman and Gaby Dunn

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with Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer

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With Lauren Hennessy – Interactive theater; new Bill Cosby accuser; Brian Williams suspended 6 months without pay; Jon Stewart quits The Daily Show; Apple is worth $700 billion; Waze app tells where cops are; weed facility raided due to melted snow; Facebook captures criminals; Bobbi Kristina Brown update; Adderall and addiction; Chemda and Lauren’s Maui wedding; lesbian advice update

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With Danny Hatch – Miley Cyrus’ bondage film; Bobbi Kristina Brown off life support; Lucas’ personality disorder; Danny sees a psychiatrist; 11-year-old beats 2-month-old to death; lesbian advice; Chemda writes her mom; NBC Nightly News losing viewers; robot vacuum attacks woman

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2015 Grammy Awards; Iggy Azalea vs. Papa John’s; God speaks to Katy Perry; ex-intern Lucas vs. KATG; listener Enunciated Piffle scares Keith

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With Saurin Choksi – The punishment of a DUI; getting revenge on old landlords; Brian Williams caught in more lies; Bruce Jenner’s deadly car accident; a man walks 21 miles a day for work; 57th Annual Grammy Award nominees

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