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October 2014
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With Maria Shehata – American comedians with Middle Eastern parents; Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence break up; Jennifer Lopez’s new book; Apple CEO admits he’s gay; Queen Latifah cancels Bill Cosby appearance; Amanda Bynes’ parents gets a new conservatorship; more info on the Honey Boo Boo family and child molestation; Ariel Castro victim forgives him; V. Stiviano's attacker not charged for a hate crime; catcalling; San Francisco Giants win 2014 World Series; the Navy SEAL who shot Bin Laden; Noriega vs. Call of Duty thrown out of court; Sikh boys may carry daggers in American schools; San Francisco Chinatown tour guide goes crazy; Ebola can go airborne
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With Jeffrey Gurian – Sanity vs. insanity; empathy; Ardie Fuqua medical update; Aaron Lewis flubs The Star-Spangled Banner after chastising Christina Aguilera; Is Iggy Azalea offensive to black people?; new McDonald's slogan; KATG on Ron and Fez

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With Jordan Morris - @midnight explained; Dracula Untold and John Wick are the best movies of the year; Keith breaks his other knee; Are Keith’s pains psychosomatic?; Chemda’s intensity; Wal-Mart’s Fat Girl Halloween costumes; 2014 World Series; joining ISIS

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With Brother Love – Keith breaks his knee; Keith's new Steelers buddy; John Wick, St. Vincent, and Fury; Michael Sam cut from the Dallas Cowboys; Mama June's boyfriend molested her daughter in the past; Brother Love chokes people out and witnesses a robbery; Will Brother Love's girlfriend fuck Steven Tyler?   

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With Reena Calm and Amy Shanker – Call center customer service; what teachers really think; how men touch women; illegal drugs and the FDA; Honey Boo Boo’s mom dates a pedophile; Gene Simmons would kill all pedophiles; Nazis still receiving U.S. Social Security; Adolf Hitler was on crystal meth

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With Jackie Martling - Renée Zellweger denies getting plastic surgery; Jackie Martling discusses leaving The Howard Stern Show and his thoughts on it now; sober while smoking weed; Keith stumps Jackie; Bill Cosby’s rape allegations examined

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With Katharine Heller – Evolution of Batman; iCloud beta testing; Steelers vs. Texans; the Pittsburgh accent; trying to reconnect with old friends; the definition of a druggie; Renée Zellweger’s new head; Monica Lewinsky’s speech; Hannibal Buress calls out Bill Cosby’s rape allegations; Oscar Pistorius gets 5 years

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With Dylan Marron – Welcome to Night Vale; The KATG Spoiler Controversy; how men propose to one another; gay bullying; Monica Lewinsky’s woes; supporting the church while being gay

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Making your own medicine; the amount of sleep you need; football fans and their jerseys; people who sit on their neighbors’ stoops alone; high school football sexual hazing; The Walking Dead; The Judge and Dracula Untold; An AIDS-infected pastor has sex with parishioners; a drunk driver bribes a cop with Mountain Dew; a couple feeds their children feces

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With Daliya Karnofsky and Adam Peltier – Why redheads aren’t trusted; Beyonce’s bangs and the poll results; couples euthanasia pacts; Ron and Fez; what it means to be spiritual; having virtual sex; staying with your lover’s relatives

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