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April 2014
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With Sean Tucker and Danny Hatch - US Airways tweeted out a highly inappropriate photo, People Magazine's Most Beautiful Person, keeping secrets, Beyonce Photoshops her inner thighs, Chemda goes to therapy, Danny's weed use argued, priests sleeping around, banning tortilla chips

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With Andrew Short – Andrew’s birthday, The My Name Is Keith update, Andrew’s Weezer cover band web series

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With Andrea Allan – Wearing exotic animals, Chemda and Andrea make out in Chemda’s dreams, sneaking it in the ass

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With Chris Laker and Jacqueline Novak - Prostitution, strip clubs, dead pets

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With Mike Lawrence – The WrestleMania invitation (oops), the power to not finish superhero movies, Mike is hurt when a comedian calls him fat, Mike can’t grip items but he gets his driving permit, wedding plans

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With Mike Recine - Working as a junk remover for hoarders, Stephen Colbert is replacing David Letterman, pranking Oprah, Keith was out of line watching WrestleMania, Titanfall, Julia Louis-Dreyfuss in Rolling Stone, Katherine Heigl sues Duane Reade for $6,000,000

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With Costaki Economopoulos - Last Comic Standing, Costaki's wedding, the bitter custody battle between Costaki and Caroline Rhea, Chick-fil-A expands, Kate Mulgrew defends herself, The Ultimate Warrior dies

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With Jim Florentine - Scientists discover the Sun revolves around the Earth, The Human Barbie, broke and starving successful college athletes, Oscar Pistorius takes the stand

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With Carmen Lynch - NYC vermin, David Letterman retires, John Pinette dies, Keith gets out of control at a WrestleMania party, James Franco admits to trying to sex a 17-year-old, Chris Martin cheated on Gwyneth Paltrow and vice-versa, the addictiveness of weed

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With Ophira Eisenberg – Punching the bus driver, James Franco tries to fuck a 17-year-old, your deadly microwave, a man's bomb goes off early because of the time change, Candy Crush goes public

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