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April 2015
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With Jesse Joyce – Quitting smoking; Keith’s texting; making your dog a service dog; the Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber

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with Blake Joseph – Being a twin; musical theater/restaurant workers; Is your partner a boy/girlfriend?; getting dumped; new (aka old) Jimi Hendrix; Jackie Martling calls in; One Direction’s Zayn Malik leaves the group; being hit by cabs; Coney Island Cyclone guests trapped on Day 1; East Village explosion selfies

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With Guy Branum – Guy working for Punk’d, Fashion Police, Totally Biased, and Chelsea Lately; always being big; being unconsciously biased; 2 more Bill Cosby accusers; Hillary Clinton deleted her emails

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With Betsy Helmuth and Jack Helmuth – The Laugh Button; contributing jokes to SNL’s Weekend Update; Lauren Hennessy and Heather Matarazzo; Keith’s PRP procedure; Jackie Martling calls in; Keith and Christian Finnegan’s friendship; Manhattan’s East Village’s collapsed buildings; deliberate Alps plane crash; Vin Diesel says Furious 7 will win Best Picture; driverless cars; man ignorantly tattoos ISIS inside his lip; 44-year-old Woody Allen tried to have sex with 18-year-old Mariel Hemingway; Bill Cosby tried to rape Chelsea Handler; incest couple arrested; The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore

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With Christian Finnegan – Libsyn; Keith and Christian’s troubled friendship; dermatophagia; Walmart pays $10 million to truck accident victim’s family

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With Chaz Kangas – The greatest freestyle rapper of all time; Keith’s torn menisci; Angelina Jolie removes ovaries and fallopian tubes; March Madness; Jackie Martling calls in; helping the bartender fight; Ludacris demands Roast jokes be removed; Starbucks #RaceTogether cancelled; Focus and Run All Night reviews; Keith vs. his high school; Robert Durst’s animal murders; Chaz vs. Danny

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With Kevin Allison – Erotic hypnotism, erectile dysfunction, and the love of Asian gentlemen; extreme sex toys; Robert Durst arrested while in the possession of a mask, a loaded gun, and $42,000; gay bullying; denigrating Buddhism; Jackie Martling calls in; flying plywood kills NYC woman; Starbucks employees to begin race discussions with customers; Keith’s MRI results; Hannibal Buress death threats; Sinead O’Connor will never again sing Nothing Compares 2 U

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With Nat Towsen – The Village Voice’s KATG cover story; reacting to bullies; Elton John vs. Dolce & Gabbana; female condoms; Jimmy Kimmel’s dick hole and why to vaccinate your kids; Robert Durst’s many murders; Randy Quaid’s sex video; Nat interviews Bill Gates

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With Ophira Eisenberg – Pessimistic optimism; KATG on the cover of The Village Voice; St. Patrick’s Day; Chappie and Kingsman reviews; Keith’s childhood bully dies; Keith’s best/only friend in the Army dies; Robert Durst and The Jinx

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With Mara Wilson – Mara’s drinking, drug use, and dating life; Mara’s anger toward Keith re: Robin Williams; Jackie Martling calls in; Are you paying too much rent?; humanizing food; Mara’s new book; India and Vietnam; The Dalai Lama refuses to reincarnate

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