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July 2014
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With Carmen Lynch and Liz Miele – 50 Shades of Grey is a movie; Keith’s aunt dies; Bigfoot isn’t real; USPS; sexual harassment and Chemda witnesses a man punch, kick, and choke a woman; Insane Clown Posse is sued for sexual harassment; NFL’s Justin Black’s suspension continues and Ray Rice misses 2 games for beating his wife; 16 babies in NYC have herpes because of Jewish circumcisions; “Weird Al” Yankovic reaches #1 on Billboard

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With Abbi Crutchfield – The real Morgan Freeman and what celebrities are like; #FreePalestine; New York is America's unhappiest city; the Cannibal Cop's assistant; Ben Stein is a pervert; how to get out of a DUI; Sarah Palin receives a traffic ticket; Robin Thicke wants Paula Patton back; the Tupac and Rocky musicals fail; coconut oil

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With Daliya Karnofsky – Vegetarianism; true love; hippies and the FBI watch list; The Purge: Anarchy and Deliver Us from Evil; secondary evil

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With Joe DeRosa - Entitled people; obtaining medical marijuana; sobriety and AA; expecting to die

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With Will Petz – Quiet Events and Quiet Clubbing; douche bros in a club; excommunication; the controversial professor’s comments on unconscious rape; James Garner dies; Israel vs. Palestine; Russia shoots down a Malaysian passenger airliner that Jason Biggs jokes about; Gisele Bündchen is still the #1 supermodel; Johnny Utah’s revisited; a police officer gets pizza pranked

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With Ari Shaffir – Keith’s concession speech; conscious rape vs. unconscious rape; poisoning the President; Manuel Noriega sues Call of Duty; the death penalty; Shroomfest

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With Danny Hatch – Forgetful guests; Moscow’s subway train derailment; Comcast apologizes; Johnny Utah sexual harassment lawsuit; the Running of the Bulls; the female Thor
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Cruise ship art scams; the top 10 airlines; Comcast customer service;  listeners that want their forum name or posts changed or deleted; The Opie & Anthony Show continues without Anthony; free speech; the Cannibal Cop; Cooper, a 22-month-old, bakes to death in a hot car; Oscar Pistorius' bar fight; Kiefer Sutherland and Lindsay Lohan enjoy their beverages

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With Ophira Eisenberg – Candy Crush; vacation cruises; Alaska; whale watching and rock climbing

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Keith’s wedding anniversary cruise; Germany wins the World Cup; Anthony Cumia fired from Opie & Anthony

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